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  • Mini Master Werks Brush Pod’s and Pod Dock’s

    Sep 12 2021

    Mini Master Werks Brush Pod’s are designed to protect and properly store your favorite brushes. Able to hold up to a 7mm ferrule, large b...

  • Scale75 paint sets in stock!

    Sep 12 2021

    Scale75 paints are in stock! The finest paints, ink’s, and colors available to make your projects come to life. Vibrant metal’s, skin, ic...

  • Retail shipping has begun.

    Jun 30 2021

    Soon you will be able to purchase our products at your local retailer. We have started shipping out and are adding retailers daily. If yo...

  • Storewide savings

    Jun 28 2021

    We have a mini master werks storewide savings event going on with a ten percent promotional code. Also free shipping on all domestic orde...

  • Red Hood pre-order

    Jun 12 2021

    Red Hood is back and has tamed the beast. She will kick off our Story Time Series of updated and slightly twisted fairy tales. With big b...

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