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    Mini Master Werks

    Mini Master Werks Vortex paint mixer

    $69.50 USD $78.00 USD

    Mini Master Werks vortex paint mixer easily keeps your paints, inks, washes, and miniature painting additives mixed properly in seconds. Our lab-grade vortex mixer handles up to 50ml of your favorite brands of paints and additives.

    A simple touch on and off, built with high-grade chemical resistant material, anti-vibration feet, and a quality 4000 rpm motor, is perfect for keeping your paints smoothly blended and color-consistent.

    Paints swirl in a vortex, not shaken, for superior pigment blending.
    At only 8.67cm x 11cm, it's compact, easy to travel with and a powerful 12V DC brushless 4000 rpm maintenance-free motor quickly and effortlessly keeps you painting.

    Input voltage : 90V-250V
    Output voltage : 12V/1A
    Includes U.S. type A power cord

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