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Rust Dirt and Damage Weathering Pencils

$18.99 USD
Rust Dirt and Damage Pencils

Rust Dirt and Damage Weathering Pencils

So what's it going to be today?

  • Giant man eating bugs
  • Dungeon full of demons
  • City full of hungry zombies
  • Titanic mecha battles
  • Post apocalyptic wastelands
  • Galactic space battle

No matter what table top war game your playing you want your armies, vehicles, bases and terrain to look realistic, battle hardened, and ready for anything!   

Rust Dirt and Damage Weathering pencils

  • 12 Highly pigmented pencils specifically designed for miniatures, scale modeling, and dioramas. Bring out realistic, sharp, or subtle details and highlights in all of your projects. Easily apply rust, dirt, and damage to your miniatures and models for maximum battlefield effect.
  • Rust Blending (yellow/orange for blending)
  • Light Rust (solid base color)
  • Red Rust (solid base color)
  • Dark Rust (solid base color)
  • Brown Rust (russet red/brown for shading)
  • Chipping/Streaking (brown/red for damage/rust streaks)
  • Dirt/Earth (solid base color)
  • Mud/Dark Earth (solid base color)
  • Blue/Green Oxide (solid base color)
  • Streaking Grime (solid base or color blending)
  • Exhaust/Soot (solid base color/shading/blending) 
  • Dust/Water Marks (solid base color/streaking/blending)  

 Apply direct wet or dry, with a brush or sponge for multiple techniques, effects and blending. All 12 colors were chosen to bring out a full range of realistic weathering effects. Our Rust, Dirt & Damage pencils are 10mm in diameter lasting twice as long as a standard pencil. 

Grab the Free Rust Dirt and Damage Weathering Pencil Palette STL Files to print your own. 

Bring your models and miniature projects to life for maximum battlefield effect. Are you ready to turn your Mini's into Master Werks?


Perfect for; 

Sci-fi, fantasy, apocalyptic, military, historical war gaming miniatures, dioramas and models. 

Our premium color wheel is a perfect add-on to help with color blending and relationships!



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