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Game Envy

Hobby Holder full 4 piece set

$38.00 USD

Hobby Holder

All in one miniature painting Handle and grip.

Created by Game Envy, The Hobby Holder is the only all-in-one mini holding solution and the most versatile painting holder and grip on the market. 

And now it is better than ever with the addition of an injection molded Ergonomic Grip and XL Stability Bar that seamlessly integrate with the original Hobby Holder to give you the most enjoyable and precise painting experience ever.


Since our first campaign was a smash hit last year, the original Hobby Holder All-in-one Miniature Painting Handle and Grip (Patented) by Game Envy has had a global impact on miniature painting. Now, with the introduction of our new parts, well over 10,000 painters in more than 65 countries are using the Hobby Holder as part of their painting arsenal!

We have talked to hundreds of painters across the globe at conventions, online and in person, and we have listened to your wants and needs. Now we are back to add two new pieces to the Hobby Holder system: the Ergonomic Grip for even greater control and comfort and the XL Stability Bar for more support with a wider range of miniature sizes.

The new Ergonomic Grip gives even more support when attached to the bottom of the Hobby Holder Base and allows the use of the Stability Bar and Grip at the same time. Simply click in your Hobby Holder Threaded Base and start painting. The QuickClick design allows for Full 360 Degree Rotation of the Threaded Base with one hand while attached to the Ergonomic Grip.

The Ergonomic Grip is two pieces and can be taken apart and weighted if desired. It also has the option to add two standard nuts to screw in the original #6-32 bolt to lock down the Hobby Holder Threaded Base and now a 1/4″ bolt to attach larger platforms if desired. 

The original offset Stability Bar allows you to paint miniatures with up to 50mm bases in Overhead Stability Bar. Now with the XL Stability Bar you will be able to paint miniatures with up to 70mm bases. 

With the offset design of the Stability bar you can even paint taller miniatures. And with the multiple pinch and finger rests built into the Stability Bar there is always a comfortable way to hold your Hobby Holder while getting even the trickiest areas painted.



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